1m LC (Male) to SC (Male) OM1 & OS1 Straight Orange Duplex Fiber Mode Conditioning (2x LC 62.5/125 to SC 62.5/125 & SC 9/125) Cable

Technical Specifications

Application:Mode Conditioning
Cable Mode:Duplex
Compatible OEM:Industry Standard
Connector:LC (Male) to SC (Male)
Core/Cladding:62.5/125µm & 9/125µm
Fiber Termination:PC - Physical Contact
Jaket Type:Riser
Fiber Type:MMF & SMF
Standard:OM1 & OS1
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Product Description

This is a 1m LC offset (male) to SC (male) orange duplex riser-rated fiber mode conditioning cable. OM1 & OS1 eliminates differential mode delay signals by aligning the single-mode launch away from the center of a multimode fiber core. This creates a transmitted signal that is similar to typical multimode light emitting diode (LED) launches. This optical fiber, nonconductive, riser (OFNR) cable is best suited for use in interior fiber-optic applications. A duplex cable is a two-strand fiber optic patch cable that works best with transceivers that both transmit and receive. Our patch cables are 100% compliant for all of your networking needs. Our products are guaranteed by federal law to not affect or void OEM warranties.

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