Break barriers in today's competitive multi-OEM environments

Seamlessly connect Cisco to Arista, Dell to Juniper, and many other combinations of OEM configurations. Obtain border-less connectivity available in many types of transceivers, DACs, and AOCs. Proline's multi-coded optical solutions certify multiple OEMs programmed onto one single EEPROM. This advantage of an 'all-in-one' device not only reduces costs but also minimizes inventory holding.

 Discover the benefits

  • Interoperability between multiple OEMs with a single device
  • Reduction in total cost of ownership and inventory holding
  • 100% compatibility tested
  • Lifetime warranty


Only Proline can code mulitple OEM's on one transceiver

No other OEM does this. If you have an environment consisting of many different manufacturers, and need simplification, contact us today. We're ready to customize your optical solution.

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