Whether in class or online, learning never stops. Neither do our Pro Certified™ solutions in providing a strong network backbone.

Educational institutions of all sizes are faced with increased IT infrastructure challenges at a time when students and faculty demand faster speeds and greater connectivity. From our short reach 1/10G optics to 25G, 40G, and even 400G, our solutions give immense savings versus OEM with flexibility for the entire network.

Knowledge is power. Pro Certified™ optical transceivers empower our educators to continue impacting future generations, even remotely.

Enhance education network performance with E-rate & Proline

K-12 schools enjoy discounts on our Pro Certified™ fiber networking solutions that help students & educators achieve more.

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High-Speed Internet for Rural School Districts to Connect Students Online Learning

Discover why fiber optics are essential for rural school districts and the benefits they provide.

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10G DAC & AOC Cable Selection

As data center and enterprise usage grows, direct attach cables (DACs) and active optical cables (AOCs) are becoming more popular. Discover how Proline DACs and AOCs can help you speed up and maintain your networks.

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Ethernet Solutions for Campus Networks

25G/100G Ethernet Solutions for Education Networks

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