Deliver innovative care anywhere with the right Pro Certified™ network infrastructure. 

Whether you're a small clinic or a large campus medical facility, Proline can help you meet bandwidth demands critical to care quality and patient experience. With a robust and scalable network infrastructure, healthcare providers can deliver innovative care remotely, provide greater accessibility to patient data, and facilitate advances in medical technology.

Upgrade telehealth fiber network infrastructure to improve patient outcomes

With healthcare systems rapidly changing, telehealth services need a secure point-to-point redundant network to provide high speed communication and reliable security. Improve telehealth patient outcomes with an upgrade to your fiber infrastructure.

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Healthcare IT and network infrastructure challenges in the midst of a pandemic

Hospitals cannot afford downtime; scaling their network infrastructure doesn't have to be complicated. Explore Proline's four easy upgrade options to ensure our essential medical professionals are empowered by their IT infrastructure.

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Healthcare solutions from Proline keep hospital IT on the cutting edge

Proline compatible networking connectivity solutions can enhance your network’s quality of life, even if you’re facing budgetary constraints. Read further to learn how third-party optics are the answer to keeping your doctors, nurses, patients, and administrators connected even during a global pandemic.

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Fiber upgrades for the 5 essential healthcare information systems

Arm your doctors and nurses with the IT advantage they need in their battle for global health and wellness.

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