The Federal government plans for the long-term.

When the government initiates a fiber network project, the goal is to modernize infrastructure that can last for decades without obsolescence. The growing demand of secure data flow requires optical solutions that work day and night, with ease of installation and traceability.

Proline has been shipping the highest performing optical transceiver technology to a wide range of government agencies including the Department of Defense for many years. Our optics meet or exceed all performance and reliability criteria set out in the applicable IEEE, ANSI, MSA standards, and more. Many of Proline's transceivers are TAA compliant, ready to fulfill any GSA schedule contract.

Successful missions start with reliable Pro Certified™ optics.

Pro Certified™ Optics for Federal Government & Defense Networks

Proven in large-scale, mission-critical federal agency networks, Proline enables secure data flows from the federal cloud to edge.

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TAA compliance for Federal procurement contracts

China and other manufacturing countries are not approved by TAA, presenting a significant challenge when sourcing IT solutions for the government. Learn how Proline is different.

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The Fed pivots focus to IT spending

Modernizing existing federal IT systems is a major initiative as the Federal Government plans to spend more than $90 billion on information technology this upcoming fiscal year.

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Achieving the industry's highest reliability rating of 99.98%

Quality from other third-party suppliers can vastly vary. Learn about the most commonly reported issues, and how they are virtually all avoided with Proline's proprietary testing processes.

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