Future-proof your fiber network with trailblazing performance.

This means having a full range of flexible optical options, Proline Options. Our portfolio of transceivers includes everything from legacy GBICs, 10G, 25G, 100G to 400G active and passive solutions. Every single optic is expertly coded to your exact OEM platform, at speeds and distances you require.

Connecting the business world 24/7 is no easy feat. Customers and employees alike depend on around-the-clock access to your network to transact. Pro Certified™ optical solutions are designed to work day and night, minimizing unnecessary downtime.

400G Transceiver Testing at Proline Options

Our end-to-end testing ensures a constant stock of cutting-edge fiber optics with a staggering 99.98% reliability rating.

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OSFP active optical cables build a strong 400G foundation in data centers

With 400G readily available for the fiber market (and 800G hot on its heels), laying a scalable yet streamlined foundation on high density OSFP optics and high-speed cabling has never been more critical for data centers.

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Avoid delayed deployments with QSFP28 40/100G SR BD alternatives

A supply shortage of QSFP28 40/100G SR BD transceivers have left network operators in search of suitable options.

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Essential retailer network expansion with 1G & 10G transceivers

As retailers encourage new safety behaviors, they still want to ensure their customers are having an optimal shopping experience. To guarantee this experience, stores have been adding more self check-out kiosks to...

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